Sunday, 28 July 2013

Spectacular treasures from trash

Maybe on September 7th, you'll be as lucky as the five people who discovered real treasure at a humble garage sale as described in this article:  From Trash to Treasure.

Excerpt: "Teri Horton, a truck driver, bought a painting for only $5 that she claimed was “ugly.” Hortan had intentions of throwing darts at the painting for fun. The painting turned out to be by famed abstract painter Jackson Pollock. Horton’s response to finding out  the artist was “Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?” She is now on a quest to sell the painting for $50 million dollars. She has been offered as high as $9 million."

If anyone has a Jackson Pollock painting they want to sell, I will certainly take it off your hands for five bucks.

Why this date?

I pondered hard on this one.  I didn't think it'd be a good idea to hold the sale in spring because that clashes with the big Glebe sale.  Fall seemed a reasonable alternative - weather still good and people are pumped from their holidays.  Labor Day weekend came to mind but I thought hmmm, some folks might still be away on vacation.  Also, this is prime moving time for students, coming from out of town.  Moving vans and garage sales don't mix well.

So after bouncing the idea off friends, I chose the first Saturday after Labor Day weekend.

Tips for Garage Sale: Sellers and Buyers

This is a pretty exhaustive list of hints and tips for vendors.

And on the other side of the coin, in-depth advice for buyers.