Tuesday, 14 August 2018

6th Annual Super Centretown Garage Sale

When is the Super Centretown Garage Sale?

Saturday, September 8th 2018 from 9 am. to 3 pm.  It is always the first Saturday after Labour Day. There is no rain date.  

Where is the Super Centretown Garage Sale being held?

The Ottawa sale is in the area bounded by Wellington Street in the North, the Rideau Canal in the East, Bronson Ave. in the West and Catherine Street in the South.

How do I find the sales?

On the days before the Sale, click on this  GSALR map  and zoom in to the Centretown area to see a map of some of the vendors. Not all vendors have listed themselves on the map.  Look for signs and check #supercentretown for other locations.  Tweet locations so other buyers can find them too!

I'm a bargain hound, how do I get to Centretown?

Queensway exits at Kent, Bronson and Rochester.  Free Weekend Parking downtown
If you can avoid driving, all the better.  From the East, OC Transpo has bus routes that will drop you off on the Transitway on Albert Street.  From the West, they'll drop you off on Slater Street.

VENDORS: Are you a resident of Centretown?  Do you have stuff piled up in your closets and basements you want to turn into $cash?

Join other residents in the Super Centretown Community Garage Sale. As well as being a fun and environmentally-friendly event, sellers are asked to voluntarily donate 10% of their proceeds to the Centretown Community Health centre, a non-profit organization that works hard to provide primary health care services and social programs to Centretown residents. Set up your sale in your driveway, yard or lawn!

How can people find out about my sale?

Put your garage sale on the GSALR map.  Two weeks before the sale date, simply click on "Add a Sale" and follow the instructions.  It takes just a minute. Your sale will pop-up automatically on a nice map of Ottawa the week prior to the Sale. Last year, we had dozens of sellers do this and it worked wonderfully.  Centretown is a big place and anything you can do to let the buyers know you're selling will help. Other things you can do: put up signs at street corners.  Just remember to remove them at the end of the day.
Use the hashtag #supercentretown on Twitter on the days leading up to the sale. On the sale day itself, you can tweet special offers and offerings.

I'm ready to sell my goodies, any rules I should know about?

Great!  Here's the stuff to remember:
  1. Don't obstruct sidewalks or streets.  Selling in parks or other public areas is illegal, you'll get a ticket.  Selling baked goods are fine but any other type of prepared food requires a permit.
  2. Clean up after the sale is over.
  3. Enjoy yourself!

Who's organizing it?

This is a grassroots Centretown effort. I've picked the date, set up this website and will be putting the word out.  Other than that, the rest is up to you!  If you have ideas, drop me line at wynnquon.scgs@gmail.com. I'll need help making posters and putting them up; generating buzz and eating donuts. What's wacky?
The Weirdest Thing Contest.  Win a box of Suzy Q donuts after the sale.


The Super Centretown Garage Sale is a community grass-roots event. Therefore your participation in the Super Centretown Garage Sale (whether as a vendor or a buyer) is at your own risk. Behave sensibly folks, default to kindness. 

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